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Hey and welcome to the website of Parasomnia!

I'm Cas aka Cyaboron, artist and creator of this comic.

The pilot has been in the works for 8 months and is now finally ready to get published. I learned a lot throughout the process of making the pilot, both technique wise and story wise. But most of all it was just very fun and the thought of people seeing it was what kept me going.

There's a lot in store and I sincerely hope you guys enjoy!

With the launch of the pilot I am also launching my Patreon, on which I post behind-the-scenes stuff from the comic, speedpaints, tutorials, monthly polls and more. If you'd consider becoming a Patron or donating that'd be super appreciated! Every little bit helps with keeping the site on-air and supports me :) Patreon: Ko-fi:

There is also a Parasomnia Discord for anyone that'd like to join to talk about the comic, chat with other members, post art and more! Hereby the invite link:

Now without further ado, enjoy the ride!!

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