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Volume #0 - FULL

After more than a year... the entirety of Volume #0! I sincerely hope you guys liked it and if you're reading this before reading the comic, I wish you lots of fun.

In the meantime... I've been working hard on getting Volume #1 ready, and I finished the animated teaser/pilot for Project Parasomnia a few months ago!

In addition to that, I've been working on launching a comic dub that'll start from Volume #1 - and will be making a Kickstarter for that. If you enjoy what I do, please consider supporting the Kickstarter (it'll have a bunch of rewards!) or support me through Kofi or Patreon! (Buttons below)

Once again, thanks a bunch for reading and until next time - when Volume #1 is here! (Which is before the end of this year!) Things will pick up chronologically from here and really dive into the secrets of the Lakeside hospital and orphanarium...

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