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Volume #0 - Page 69

Dear Project Parasomnia readers,

Here we are... this is the LAST page of Volume #0! And what a ride it has been.

I've met so many cool and nice people through this project, the comic is for sale in stores, I've made an animated teaser/pilot for it which is currently doing the festival tour, and there's still so much to come.

Writing for this has been amazing, it's a story I truly like and want to tell - I love the characters and world and there's just so much left still waiting to be told (we haven't even started yet basically!)

The last year I've been working on Volume #1, and I can happily say all that's left to do is to color it. Normally this would've been done already, but my thesis took up all of my time and I had to pause working on it.

With that said... Project Parasomnia will be back in a few months! A pre-order digitally and physically will open soon on Gumroad, subscribe to my Patreon for updates or my Twitter @Cyaboron!

Until then and I sincerely hope you enjoyed this volume!

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